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How many $6 sales would you have to make, per day, to make $100?

17!  That’s a lot of sales.

What if you were selling $10 items?  Well then, you’d only need to make 10 sales.

Watch this video from my friend and mentor Richard Weberg, owner of YourEightSteps as he explains the strategy behind building a sustainable online business.

Click here to see Richard’s site and find out more.

All About RocketResponder

Here is what the owner, Tim Linden, has to say about RocketResponder – features, ease of use, why he built it the way he did, and pricing:

Like what you hear?

Watch me set up my list in under 10 minutes… (and that’s with me explaining along the way, without that it’s quicker!)

RocketResponder Review – Is It As Simple As They Say? See For Yourself!

I like it!


I first found GVO when I needed a place to host a few videos for one of my sites. Since then, I’ve been using more and more of the features, and getting value out of the affiliate plan too.

It’s amazing what they pack in for a measly $9.97 per month at GVO.

Here is what you get (and if you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry, you don’t have to use it all, but it’s there when you need it.):

  • Hosting for up to 4 domains – so you can host your own sites, or even create and host them for other people (and charge them for it too!)  With full cpanel access.
  • Easy blogger builder – if you can’t handle cpanel and all that techy stuff then you don’t have to!  You can set up blogs with a few clicks from the members area, and post from the members area too.
  • Easy video producer and hosting – create your own videos right there on the site, or upload from your computer. Add the videos to your squeeze pages with just a few clicks, or embed them in your sites or blogs anywhere.
  • Autoresponder – this one is really simple to set up and use, compared to AWeber or even TrafficWave. And once your list exceeds 500, you can upgrade to 5,000 for under $25 per year. That’s about the same as most other autoresponders will charge you per month.
  • GVO Conference – live conferencing software
  • Prospecting System – to help you build your affiliate income in the GVO program
  • GVO Academy – live training included in the cost of the hosting
  • Affiliate Income – you will get paid on your referrals 10 levels down, every month. There are bonuses of all sorts to be had as well. And since GVO is such a useful tool at such a low price, your downline retention should be pretty good. Mine has been so far.

There are training videos for all important functions inside the site, so you will always know what to do.

Click here to learn more about GVO HostThenProfit.

How To Use TrafficWave Autoresponder

Got TrafficWave? Not sure how to use it?

Mark Hodgetts  of BreakFreeTraffic has created a page just for you!

Watch the free videos and learn:

  • How to find your way around inside TrafficWave
  • How to set up your campaign (list)
  • How to set up your emails
  • How to get your form code for the optin form
  • How to make a squeeze page with Instant Splash
  • How to make a squeeze page with Adkreator

Click Here To Watch The Videos

When you have a new program, you can get signups just promoting the standard affiliate pages. After all, they are new, and people stop to look.

What happens several weeks later, when there are ten times as many people promoting the same product? You guessed it. Interest dies down. Most surfers have seen that page already, over and over… and they no longer pay much attention.

So what do you do now? Do you quit, find the next new launch, pay for yet another thing? Or is there some way to continue to make money with your investment?

There is a solution!

Give people something new to look at, without costing yourself a lot more effort or cash.

You do this by making a splash page, making your own banners, writing blog posts, posting text ads… anything which is different, which makes them wonder.

You’ve probably seen some really great (and really ugly) splash pages created by other surfers, and now you know why they do it… to get attention.

You can make a really colourful splash page at AdKreator or Instant Splash.

In the video below you can watch me make an easy, basic splash page at TEToolbox, which you can do for free.

Log in to TEToolbox, then you can follow along with the video and pause it when you need to. You’ll have your first splash page created in 4 minutes!

All you need to get started is your affiliate page link for MySurfBiz (or any other biz op) and a banner or other image link. If you need to host your image, you can do that at TEToolbox too.

(This video has no sound. Watch it in full screen mode to see clearly.)

I’ve made my first video!  Getting your autoresponder code can be tricky, but hopefully this video will make it easier for my members to set up their squeeze pages if they use the JV-Marketers Free Pro Autoresponder, which is one of the autoresponders recommended at Build Your List with Ease.

This video was made with CamStudio.   This is my 5th attempt and now the sound is better.