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You probably have your squeeze page out there in a number of places, and it can be hard to tell where your signups have come from.

Here is a simple way, and you can try it out for free.

I use the trackers at TEToolbox, so you will need to log in at TEToolbox to follow along.  They will give you up to 10 trackers for free.

First, create a tracking link for your squeeze page.  (Click on Websites tab, then click on Add Tracker.  Enter your squeeze page URL.)

Now you will see your Tracker URL and Conversion Image.

TEToolbox tracker

Take the Tracker URL and add it to your traffic exchanges or rotator.  You can also use it in safelist and autoresponder emails.

This will do your click tracking for you.

Now take the Conversion Image code and add it to your Thank You or Confirmation page.

If you are using the TEToolbox Thank You page, you will need to edit it in HTML mode. (Use the HTML button in the wysiwyg editor.) Just add the code at the end of whatever you have there, click the Update button, and remember to click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

The image is only 1 pixel by 1 pixel, so it won’t spoil the look of your page at all.

Now, when someone submits their email address on your squeeze page and is redirected to the Thank You page, they will be counted as a Conversion, and you will have some idea of where you are getting the most response from your advertising.

(If you are not using Thank You pages yet, grab a copy of Build Your List with Ease and learn how to do it.  It’s a great way to monetize your list.)

Watch Tim Linden’s video at TEToolbox for a complete explanation.  You will find it under the Help tab, click on Help Videos.

Here are some cool things you can do with the TEToolbox trackers:

  • Change the tracker link to something you can remember.  Click on Edit Settings for your tracker and enter the name in the Custom URL space to replace the number.
  • In the Advanced Settings, untick the box for “Automatically Track Clicks as Conversions”.  You only want your actual signups to track as conversions now.
  • Add other urls to your tracker.  This is good if you are split testing different versions of a squeeze page, or perhaps getting signups from your blog and your squeeze page.
  • Add your squeeze page tracker along with your other sites to another tracker which you can then use as a rotator. The tracking will still work just fine.
  • Add a tag of up to 10 characters to the end of your tracker.  You won’t need this on websites or traffic exchanges as TEToolbox will automatically list those as sources, but it is very useful for safelists and other email campaigns (otherwise you end up with stats saying the click came from and so on…).  TEToolbox will then show you stats by tag.

How I Made My First Niche Blog

It’s been at the back of my mind for a long time now to try some sort of autoblogging/niche blogging, but never had the time and money to put it all together.  It seemed so complex too – how do you organize multiple domains, hosting, blog setup.  It had me frightened and fascinated all at the same time.

I’ve got a couple of little blogs on Blogger, and I added Adsense ads to them just because it is so easy anyhow.  So I logged in and had a look at my Adsense stats for the first time this year, and found that I’ve earned $50!  And that was without even trying.

So I went looking for a way to do some autoblogging again… and found AutoBlog Samurai, and loved what it had on the sales page, especially the part about working with Blogger or WordPress, which means that I can skip all that hassle about setting up my own domains and sites and so on.  (And I’ve got enough experience with self-hosted blogs to know that there can certainly be hassles).

Now, I didn’t actually buy AutoBlog Samurai (though it is high on my wishlist) but I did learn a lot from what I saw on the site, and it spurred me on.

I already belong to Daily Niche Idea, which has complete PLR packs on many different topics,complete with suggestions for ClickBank products to promote.  I knew that it was worth staying subscribed there because they have a treasure trove of material for niche sites.  All I needed was a viable way to use it.

So finally, here it was!

I logged in to Daily Niche Idea and picked up a PLR pack on the topic of exercise.

Then I created a new blog on Blogger, monetized the heck out of it with Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon, and created my first post.  (It took me two days to figure it all out, but now I know how to do it.  Autoblog Samurai would theoretically have set it all up for me in minutes.)

I could have used the blog posts from Daily Niche Idea (and I still will use them, when I run out of my own ideas) but I can’t help writing my own stuff, it’s too much fun… even though it takes the “auto” out of autoblogging.

Then I spent some time improving the ebook which came with the PLR pack, and added that to the site as a download.

Once I come up with an email series, I’ll make people enter their email address to get the ebook, though for now they can just click to download it.  It’s got my Amazon links in it already.

Here’s the blog if you would like to see it in action:

I had to play around with the layout several times to get it looking good.  With so many ads on the page, I still wanted the posts to stand out.

Afterthoughts:  I’ve always had some reservation about how valid it is to do autoblogging, just using other peoples content and not contributing much yourself.  Well, with this blog that won’t be an issue because I’ve got an interest in the subject, and lots to post about, but it is something to consider for future blogs.

How Good are Your Safelists?

Do you have any idea which of your safelists are working, and which ones are wasting your time?

I’m getting a clear picture with my safelists!

How?  By using the automatic tracking at ViralMailProfits.

Every email I send out to any safelist, using ViralMailProfits system, contains a new tracking link.

All the results show up in my History.  For each safelist I can see:

* Date Sent
* Email Subject and Body
* Number of Emails Sent
* Number of Clicks on my Links
* Click thru %

The results are surprising!  My best-performing safelists so far have been ReactiveAdz and ListBuildingMaximizer.

Here is a screenshot of the History for one of my mailings:

You can use ViralMailProfits for free, but they also have some great pre-launch specials happening, so it’s a great time to snap up a cheap upgrade.

The more I use this program, the more I like it!

Max Your Mailings and Max Your Profits!

ViralMailProfits has just launched, everybody and his dog are promoting it….

So what’s that program all about?

It’s a system to manage all your safelist mailings.  It automatically keeps track of all your mailings, sends you an email when you are due to mail again, and even creates and inserts tracking links for you (and if you re-use an email because it’s so great, it will create a new tracker link for your new emailing).

If you are clever, you can even use it for other things, like tracking your own autoresponder emails, or your Twitter tweets (the ones you’ve monetized with links in them, anyway).  That’s not the standard way to use it, but hey!  I’m tracking this blog’s posts with it, which is why you see the cloaked links – they are tracker links (and I could have left them uncloaked).  This is the first post to get this treatment, and I can see, 5 minutes later (re-edited!) that 11 people have clicked on the links already…

How good is it?  I wrote the user manual and I can tell you, ViralMailProfits is great!

Free members can manage up to 7 mailers, upgraded members get even more.

And… if your mailer is not in their main list, you can add it anyway!  Free members can add 2, upgraded members can add up to 10.

Now, this system won’t send your emails out for you… but it will format them correctly for your mailer, so that you never have to wonder if you should be entering  #firstname# or %fn or {firstname}…

Maxed Out Mailings = Maxed Out Profits!

With ViralMailProfits you can make the most of your safelists and listbuilders by making sure you use them whenever you have a mailing available.

You’ll notice the viral bar at the top of the ad when you click on the link – when you use the system, you will have this viral bar over your ads, automatically promoting your referral link for you.  How cool is that?

So, now you know all about it!

I hope you will check out this great new program.

Tracking can be very, very easy…

If you are not tracking, how do you know which traffic exchanges are bringing you the clicks?  Or which splash pages are working well, and which are not?

If you are not  tracking,  you are not making the most of your advertising resources (which include your time as well as your money) and you may be missing out on referrals and commissions needlessly.

Tracking used to be complicated, but now it can be done very easily, in one place.

All you need to do is use the website rotator, banner rotator and thank you ad rotator at TE Toolbox.  This will automatically generate stats for each web page, banner or thank you ad, by traffic exchange (or other advertising source).

You can even set up and monitor tracker links (in the TOOLS section of TE Toolbox) for your email advertising.

If you want,  you can add complexity to your statistics by using tags, and special tracker links in your splash pages.  It’s all made easy for you in the members area.

There is even a special level of tracking for program owners.

If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time!  It’s worth doing.

Sign in to TE Toolbox now.