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There have been a lot of safelists/marketing systems  launched in the past year, but very few of them have been amazing.

This one looks absolutely brilliant!

Here’s how it works:

Totally Tweetable is  a safelist with several new twists, which make the most of viral marketing,  social networking and search engine traffic to boost your results (even if you don’t know what half of that stuff does).

When you send your email, it is auto-posted to a blog – great for ongoing search engine traffic if you put good keywords in the title!

When people read your email and view your link  (which they do in the same way as in any safelist), they have the option to post your link to their Twitter and/or Facebook accounts for extra credits.

This means that a) many more people are going to see your ad and b) this is great for marketing anything, not just the usual traffic exchange/safelist stuff, because your ads are going to end up in the “real” world.

You can join and use the system for free, or upgrade to get maximum exposure, it’s up to you!

I think it’s amazing, and I’m in!

Click here to

I guess you’ve seen ads for SWOM, but do you know what it is?

SWOM is a social network for marketers only.  It currently has over 37,000 members and it’s growing fast.

You can post your links here for free, without embarassing yourself or looking spammy in front of your friends and relations, because everyone here is interested!

I’m getting signups to my site daily.

Check out my profile if you’d like to see how yours could look.

If you upgrade you can create a group for your favorite biz opp.  Click here to see the Build Your List with Ease group.  You can also get paid for activity and referrals.

Invite your contacts to join your group.  Contacts can be anyone in SWOM, you don’t have to refer them personally.  Those who are interested will join, and they will see your ad on the group page.

The network is friendly and easy to use.  My favorite part is the Open University, where you can ask questions and have them answered.

Click here to join for free

How to add your links? After joining, click on Profile, then click on Edit Profile next to your name.  Scroll down to “I am involved in” and click on “Add a business”.  Easy!

Your Twitter Followers are Your List Too!

twitterbuilder.wsDon’t laugh, it’s true… why else do people like David Foley, Tony Tezak and Paul Kinder make the effort to build such large followings?  (Look them up and you will see!)

I’m taking a leaf out of their book, and learning how to grow and work with my Twitter list.  I’ve had some clicks on my links already, and Twitter is just so much easier and more fun than the more intense social networks such as Facebook…

David Foley has helped me to set up my Twitterbuilder site, which is a free viral twitter follower builder.  One tweet will set off a viral chain reaction, and you should be getting followers for weeks to come from this.  It works for everyone who uses it, as I’ve seen from David’s site.

All it takes is one tweet to get the ball rolling.  You can  promote your link if you like, but you don’t have to.  When you sign up you will get a copy of Twitter Traffic Magic, which will help you to start working with your Twitter list, and to avoid the worst mistakes (ooops! I’ve made some of those already, glad I had to read that book…).

So, please come and have a look, and get yourself some Twitter followers virally.  Click here now.