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Are you promoting you A** off and getting nowhere?

That’s what happens with most new marketers, until they finally realize that you can’t just stick your awesome sales page in a traffic exchange and get rich overnight.  It’s a dream that dies hard, I know that from personal experience, and I still try it once in a while.  That’s human nature for you!

So what does work?  Once you are ready to be a little bit patient, I recommend you get yourself a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a system which does several things for you.

A sales funnel will build your list.

It will process your subscribers through a system which promotes your other programs to them.

And it will make you cash as well.

In this way, every subscriber you bring in to the funnel will possibly benefit you in these ways:

  1. They are on your list, so you can promote to them in the future
  2. They see your programs as they are processed through the system, and they sign up to some or all of them.  This brings you referrals and commissions in multiple programs.
  3. They may choose to buy in to the funnel program as well, which will bring you direct cash.

Here are three of the best funnels for traffic exchange surfers:

MySurfBiz – this is a 3 step program.  Step1 adds subscribers to your list. Step2 shows them your programs plus 2 bonus programs, and you will get signups here. Step3 is where you make the instant commissions on sales of MySurfBiz. The system contains an email series which you can use with any autoresponder.  I am part owner of this program, though I joined while it still belonged to the original owner.  Using MySurfBiz finally made me realize how effective and valuable a sales funnel can be.

TEProfits – this is an older and well respected marketing funnel from Scott Douglas.  It has a free level as well as a paid level.  The email series they provide for upgraded members to use is comprehensive and educational. Worth reading even if you don’t want to join.  Scott does not do “hype”, so if you are sick of all that, then you will enjoy the materials on his site. You can opt in here, or read the crash course here.

Affiliate Funnel – this is probably the oldest one around.  It has huge downline builders and rankers for traffic exchanges, safelists and other programs inside, as well as pages where you can promote your programs to your downlines, and on the traffic exchanges.  This one is free to join, and they even promote your referral id’s to the various programs in emails to your downline.  Their squeeze pages are being updated and there is an email series you can use.

If you are a newbie, you might try a funnel and then decide that you are not getting results fast enough.  I will tell you now, you can go back to promoting sales pages and see how you like your results there.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be back to your funnel after that! : )

I am very pleased to announce that Build Your List with Ease has been added to the TE Reports program! We are the 14th report to be included in the system, and one of the 2 new ones added just today!

TEReports is a downline builder for rebrandable internet marketing ebooks.

They have new and unique squeeze pages for all the ebooks in the program, and an email series for each ebook which focuses on getting the reader to upgrade and rebrand the ebook.

The ebook squeeze pages are not free, but you have a choice of upgrading to get all of them, or buying the ones you want inside the site.

Here are my two:

So, if you have been looking for a way to get more upgraded referrals, this might just be the way to go!

p.s. the TEReports program has a pretty good free level as well, so don’t be afraid to check it out! Here is the free members squeeze page:

p.p.s. Build Your List with Ease is not on the sales page at TEReports yet, but soon it will be…

TE Reports belongs to John Guanzon of ThumbVu, and Brett Phillips.

I’ve just joined John Guanzon’s new program, TE Reports (as a free member) and guess what?

I was able to rebrand the downline builder with my links!

How cool is that?

So now I’ve got a way to promote a dozen of the best ebooks around with one simple link, and a free squeeze page if I want to build my list with this system.

And if I had chosen to upgrade, I would have had a very professional looking set of squeeze pages and matching email series to promote any of the books individually.

But I can always buy them one by one in the members area when I am ready, they will just cost a bit more.

How does this help you?

Ebooks can make you money, even if you haven’t been able to rebrand very many of them yet.

Anything which helps you to promote them virally is a good thing.

And if you can join for free, why not?

So check it out if you like, here’s the link:

Now  you don’t have to get complicated with this, even if all you do is sign up, fill in the downline builder and add a note to your email series, that should bring you a benefit over time.

Are you confused about how to monetize your list? I’ve found a free video which will show you how to do it, one simple step at a time.

This video is by John Guanzon, a young list building guru. Of course he has an upsell, but the initial video is packed with great information which you can use starting now.

Grab a coffee and have a look now!

Watch 4 Stupid Simple Ways To Start Profiting From Your List now.

What is ClickBank all about anyway?

Promoting useful ClickBank products to your list is a standard way of making money online.

But how do you get started?

Sunny Suggs has Just Launched her New ebook All About ClickBank which takes the mystery out of the process.

This book is ideal for new internet marketers. Read it, and give it away to your list too. Your subscribers will enjoy it.

You will learn all the basics about the world’s largest affiliate site…

* How to get through the signup process in a flash
* How to search for the best products
* Using search software to ease the process
* The best ways to market, and make money with Clickbank

If you’re already a Clickbank member… All About Clickbank can be rebranded… and given to your list… to help you make even more money!

Grab your free copy here:

Review of All About My First List

When I joined All About My First List and looked through the site, my first reaction was “Sunny has really wrapped it up here”.

If you want to build your list, but need to be led through the process in easy steps, this one is for you.

When you get to the members area (get a sneak peak here), you will see 10 steps to follow. You can easily do one per day.

Day 1. Pick your product to promote. Sunny has provided a dozen current ebooks (including Build Your List with Ease, thanks Sunny!) which you can choose as your gift to entice subscribers. You will need to join the site which provides the ebook of your choice, but you do not need to upgrade (though you will tap into the power of viral marketing by giving away an ebook rebranded with your links).

Day 2. Create your opt-in page. This is so simple. All you do is add a headline and up to 3 bullet points. The system creates your squeeze page, complete with an image of your gift ebook, with one click. You can return later to add your autoresponder code. You can see mine here.

Day 3. Make a really professional download page for your subscribers. When they go there to get the free gift, it will have ads with your links in them below the download information, to make the most of your virtual real estate. I won’t give away how she does that, but it’s very easy and looks great.

Day 4. Get your emails. Writing your email series is always the most challenging part of building your list. Sunny provides a pre-written email series for each product. These are flexible and allow for you to insert your own promotions in the series.

Days 5 and 6. If you are going to write your own emails, you will use these steps to learn about writing your own emails, and to write your series. Sunny shows you how to source and use PLR products as the basis of your own series. You can skip these steps if you are using the prewritten emails.

Expect to spend the most time on steps 4 through 6.

Day 7. Join the auto-responder of your choice.

Day 8. Set up your campaign. This means you name your list in your autoresponder, and add your emails to it.

Day 9. Add your autoresponder code to your squeeze page. Easy.

Day 10. Drive traffic. Sunny will tell you how to get going, and what to expect. There is also a nice surprise at the end of this day.

All About My First List does have some drawbacks. You are limited to Sunny’s selection of ebooks, though I’m pretty sure Sunny will keep the collection fresh by adding new ebooks as they become available.

The system is not free – it costs $37 to upgrade. On the plus side, you earn 50% commission from upgraded referrals, so it doesn’t take long to get your money back on your investment, and you will also make commissions and referrals from signups in the site rebrander, which includes many of the recommended programs and resources.

Overall, All About My First List provides a great system to get you up and running with your first list, and also to educate you in the process, so that you will truly know what you are doing. It is worth the $37 one-time fee.

If you can’t afford $37, there is always Build Your List with Ease, which you can get for free and which will help you to build your own list using free resources – a very good book for the independent-minded online entrepreneur!