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How many $6 sales would you have to make, per day, to make $100?

17!  That’s a lot of sales.

What if you were selling $10 items?  Well then, you’d only need to make 10 sales.

Watch this video from my friend and mentor Richard Weberg, owner of YourEightSteps as he explains the strategy behind building a sustainable online business.

Click here to see Richard’s site and find out more.

AutoPilot Downlines for Dummies bannerCarl Bailey loves to create smart and simple programs, and “AutoPilot Downlines for Dumes” is his latest.  I hope he spelled it that way on purpose.

Looks like an ebook, doesn’t it?  But it’s not!  It’s a very cool downline builder for some great marketing tools, many of which you can join for free.

He’s timed it to coincide with the relaunch of ViralMailProfits, so you can guess which program is at the top of this list.

The presentation is unique.  Carl sends you his first email, with the top program in the list.  You can join that program and enter your referral id, and then wait a couple of days for your next email… or you can click on the Accelerate button and go to the next program right away.   If you can’t stand entering one referral id after another into downline builders, then this is the perfect system for you!

Did I mention it’s free?

Click here to go to AutoPilot Downlines for Dumes now.

A Simple Trick – Right Click!

Have you ever had this problem when filling in a downline builder?  You click on a join link, and next thing your downline builder is gone, and by the time you’ve finished signing up for your new program you can’t even find where you started from…

Or, you see an interesting link but you don’t want to lose your current page…

Well there is a very simple solution – Right Click!  Just click the Right button on your mouse instead of the Left one, and you will see the option to open that link in a new window or a new tab.

I am very pleased to announce that Build Your List with Ease has been added to the TE Reports program! We are the 14th report to be included in the system, and one of the 2 new ones added just today!

TEReports is a downline builder for rebrandable internet marketing ebooks.

They have new and unique squeeze pages for all the ebooks in the program, and an email series for each ebook which focuses on getting the reader to upgrade and rebrand the ebook.

The ebook squeeze pages are not free, but you have a choice of upgrading to get all of them, or buying the ones you want inside the site.

Here are my two:

So, if you have been looking for a way to get more upgraded referrals, this might just be the way to go!

p.s. the TEReports program has a pretty good free level as well, so don’t be afraid to check it out! Here is the free members squeeze page:

p.p.s. Build Your List with Ease is not on the sales page at TEReports yet, but soon it will be…

TE Reports belongs to John Guanzon of ThumbVu, and Brett Phillips.

Have you seen the new Viral Ebook Success site?  It’s just been launched and it’s got over 1000 members already!

VES provides free rebrandable ebooks for MLMs.  Currently they have ebooks for Ashmax, GDI, Freeway to Success, Infinity Downline, GVO, Rolution, and Instant Blog Subscribers.  It’s an excellent concept, so I jumped right in and signed up, and next thing I knew I was looking at the Ashmax ebook and feeling really interested.  Now I’m signed up at Ashmax and have started to promote (20 days to build your downline or you’re out, can I do it?).

You can download my ebooks for Ashmax, GDI and Freeway to Success if you want to see how they look.

More ebooks are coming soon, though you need to upgrade ($10 lifetime) to get access to future ebooks.  Once you upgrade you will make 50% commission.

The system includes a downline builder for the featured MLMs and some good traffic resources.  I think this is going to take off like a rocket, and it’s really worth getting in on the ground floor.

I’ve been playing with the 30 Minute Marketing System, and it is pretty fast and good, and versatile too.  You can set up a campaign about anything you like in 30 minutes, there’s even a video which shows you how, you can find the link in the back of the ebook (click here to download it now).

Then I found Get Referrals Fast and heard that I could set up an entire campaign, squeeze page, emails and all in 7 minutes!  I like clever systems so I decided to check it out and sure enough, it works as stated!

This is how it works:

  • Log in to GetReferralsFast and add your links to the downline builder.
  • Go to affiliate toolbox, choose the link you want to promote, and get the autoresponder details for that link.  This includes 3 signature URLs and download codes for your email series.
  • Log in to TrafficWave, create a new campaign, and enter the 3 sig URLs.
  • Go to Letters and Retrieve the campaign which has already been set up, using the access codes from GetReferralsFast, then proofread your letters.
  • Go back to GetReferralsFast and enter your campaign name in the downline builder area.
  • Grab your squeeze page URL, and promote!

You can see a video of the process here:

I’ve only just started so I can’t tell you how well my squeeze pages convert, but here are two you can look at if you are interested: (this is the free one) (upgrade to get this one, and about 6 or 7 others.  Looks like a new one has just been added, so I assume Mike Paetzold and friends will continue to create new content here.)

Which would I recommend?  It depends on what you want to achieve.  If you want no-fuss push-button list building I recommend Get Referrals Fast.  If you like to do your own thing and use your own ideas then the 30 Minute Marketing System is ideal.

Both systems will help you to use and promote your TrafficWave autoresponder.

I’ve just joined John Guanzon’s new program, TE Reports (as a free member) and guess what?

I was able to rebrand the downline builder with my links!

How cool is that?

So now I’ve got a way to promote a dozen of the best ebooks around with one simple link, and a free squeeze page if I want to build my list with this system.

And if I had chosen to upgrade, I would have had a very professional looking set of squeeze pages and matching email series to promote any of the books individually.

But I can always buy them one by one in the members area when I am ready, they will just cost a bit more.

How does this help you?

Ebooks can make you money, even if you haven’t been able to rebrand very many of them yet.

Anything which helps you to promote them virally is a good thing.

And if you can join for free, why not?

So check it out if you like, here’s the link:

Now  you don’t have to get complicated with this, even if all you do is sign up, fill in the downline builder and add a note to your email series, that should bring you a benefit over time.

TrafficWave is hot at the moment and I’m sure a lot of people have jumped on the income stream without thinking too much about what they will do with their autoresponder.

So, if you want to build your TrafficWave referrals, and maybe find a use for your autoresponder as well, here are 5 ways  to do one or both of those things:

1. InstantSplash – you’ve seen this new splash page maker everywhere by now. It’s a great resource for those who want a very simple splash page maker, but did you know that if you upgrade, it will also help you to build your TrafficWave downline? Check it out!

2. Join a team build – there are a lot of team builds for TrafficWave at the moment, but I like Team OceanSwell. It focuses only on TrafficWave, so it’s simple and to the point. Enter your details to learn how it works, no obligation and no cost, and you can join even if you have an existing TW account.

3. TE Profits – this system will show you how to use your TrafficWave autoresponder to build your list and make money even before anyone joins your main business. TrafficWave is one of the recommended resources in their downline builder, so you will be growing your TW downlines as your use this system. You will get an email series (with automatic download into your TrafficWave account) and lots of friendly support in the back office. Check it out for free.

4. Rebrand an ebook with your TrafficWave referral link and then promote it. Here are 5 ebooks which promote TrafficWave: Build Your List with Ease, Safelist Marketing Tactics, Traffic Exchange Solutions, Affiliate Jumpstart and 13 Deadly Traffic Exchange Tragedies.

5. Use your TrafficWave autoresponder to build any list. Tell your subscribers about TrafficWave. Your TrafficWave referral id will be at the bottom of every email you send, quietly advertising for you and adding credibility to your TrafficWave promotional efforts