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I first found GVO when I needed a place to host a few videos for one of my sites. Since then, I’ve been using more and more of the features, and getting value out of the affiliate plan too.

It’s amazing what they pack in for a measly $9.97 per month at GVO.

Here is what you get (and if you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry, you don’t have to use it all, but it’s there when you need it.):

  • Hosting for up to 4 domains – so you can host your own sites, or even create and host them for other people (and charge them for it too!)  With full cpanel access.
  • Easy blogger builder – if you can’t handle cpanel and all that techy stuff then you don’t have to!  You can set up blogs with a few clicks from the members area, and post from the members area too.
  • Easy video producer and hosting – create your own videos right there on the site, or upload from your computer. Add the videos to your squeeze pages with just a few clicks, or embed them in your sites or blogs anywhere.
  • Autoresponder – this one is really simple to set up and use, compared to AWeber or even TrafficWave. And once your list exceeds 500, you can upgrade to 5,000 for under $25 per year. That’s about the same as most other autoresponders will charge you per month.
  • GVO Conference – live conferencing software
  • Prospecting System – to help you build your affiliate income in the GVO program
  • GVO Academy – live training included in the cost of the hosting
  • Affiliate Income – you will get paid on your referrals 10 levels down, every month. There are bonuses of all sorts to be had as well. And since GVO is such a useful tool at such a low price, your downline retention should be pretty good. Mine has been so far.

There are training videos for all important functions inside the site, so you will always know what to do.

Click here to learn more about GVO HostThenProfit.

Drip Fed Self Help Blogs sales pageI’ve been keeping my eye on the drip fed blogs since I first saw the Drip Fed Recipe Blog.  I didn’t want the recipe blog, I was wishing for a self development blog instead, and I was absolutely delighted when Justin and Brad came up with the Drip Fed Self Help Blog.

I paid my $47, gave them my blog domain, and waited about a week for my blog to appear.

When it came I was pretty happy.  I have a fully hosted blog with 365 days of posts already pre-loaded.  These posts are set up to post automatically once a day. Each post has a link to Brad and Justin’s self help course, which pays $140 commission.

The posts are a mixture of videos and articles, and quite well written, with a mixture of common sense and Law of Attraction principles, and not too extreme for the general public.

The blog itself is on the Woo Canvas theme, which is very plain at first sight, but can be prettied up and formatted in any number of ways.

You can find a link to a Sample Blog on the sales page.

The posts have not been tagged, which looks like a drawback at first, but in the members back office they explain that tagging all the posts the same way would reduce their effectiveness with Google.

Yes, everyone else with Brad and Justin’s self help blog has the same articles… but they are all posted in a different order to help reduce the duplicate content issue, and they are not worded exactly alike.

The members area has helpful videos on all aspects of setting up your blog, and also training on how to promote, including free traffic strategies.

They also explain how to move the blog to your own hosting if you want to do that.

At this point I’ve had the blog 2 weeks, and have been really busy with other projects, but I’ve managed to personalize it, add an auto post to Twitter, and do some tagging.  Now I’ve added Google Analytics, and it’s time to get some good backlinks.

Overall, I am very happy with the blog and I expect to make ClickBank commissions from the links already provided, as well as my own banners on the side.  I like the fact that the theme starts off pretty plain, which means that I can personalize it my way, though it looks ok as is, too.  Having a few of my own blogs and knowing how hard it can be to come up with content on a regular basis, I really appreciate the drip fed posts, and the quality is good.  The blog loads reasonably quickly too.

I think the setup is ok for a newbie who has no WordPress experience, as the members area videos cover the basics, and Brad and Justin will fix your blog if you make a mess of it.

At this point, apart from one typo, I haven’t found anything that I don’t like.

Only time will tell if this blog earns me the commissions which it should, but that depends to a large degree on my own skill and effort in promoting it, as I would not depend solely on organic search engine traffic.

After I paid, I was given the option to buy the older  drip fed blogs for a reduced price.  It’s a steal if you have the cash.

Use Your Blog to Build Your List

Your blog is a big part of your internet presence, and if you are not using it to build your list yet, you should be!

It’s easy enough to do.

The simplest way is by putting a free offer in your sidebar, and asking people to sign up to your list in order to get it.  Usually this would be a free report, but it can be something else.  Put an image of your freebie above your opt-in form, and there you have it!

If you don’t know how to add your opt-in form to your blog, read my earlier blog post “How to Add An Opt-In Form To Your Blog“.

If you don’t want to use someone else’s report as your giveaway item, then create your own!  It’s enough to provide 3 to 7 pages of useful information on any topic.  Learn more in “You Can Make an Ebook!“.

Once you have subscribers, you can use the list to send them back to your blog, or feed them more useful information and promotions.  You can even keep old posts active by sending new readers to them, or repurpose your blog posts into email content.