How To Set Up AIOP Autoresponder For Coinpressions2 Campaign

By | February 10, 2018

AIOP autoresponder is one of the four which can be used with the lead capture pages at Coinpressions2. Here is what you need to do to set up the Coinpressions2 campaign in your AIOP autoresponder, and link it to the lead capture pages at Coinpressions2.

1. Download the Coinpressions2 email series

First, you will need to download the email series. It is stored on the Coinpressions facebook group page, under Files. The file name is CP2-AR-SimpleFB-1-23-18.txt

Now click on that text file link to open it in your browser, or else right-click on the link to save it as a download, then open the text file.

Scroll down in the text file until you find the first email. The subject is “The Exploding Matrix Information You Requested!”.

2. Log in to AIOP.

Now log in to AIOP in a new tab.

Inside AIOP, click on Toolbox and then click on Autoresponder. This will open in a new tab.

3. Create your Coinpressions2 campaign

Now you are in AIOP Response.

Scroll down until you see Add New Campaign.

Put cp2 (or any other nickname) in Campaign ID.

Put your name in Campaign Name.

Put your email address in Campaign Email Address. It is better to use gmail, not yahoo, msn or hotmail. You will get better deliverability.

Now click on the Submit button.

You will see your new campaign listed on the same page, above the Add New Campaign area.

Now click on the word GO next to your new campaign, and make sure it is listed as the Active Campaign at the top:

4. Add the campaign emails

Now click on the Autoresponders tab, and click on Edit Autoresponders.

Scroll down to Add New Message. (If you don’t see that, then you probably got logged out, so go back to the main AIOP page, log in again, click on Toolbox and Autoresponder again, then you will be back at step 3 above.)

Copy and paste the first email subject from the text file into the Subject box.

Copy and paste the email body from the text file into the Body box.

Leave the Interval at 0 for the first email, and increase it by 1 for each additional email.

Replace USERNAME in the email body with your Coinpressions2 username.

Replace “Your Contact Details” with your name and email address or skype, facebook, etc. details.

Click on the Add button which is below the Body box.

Now you will see your email listed. You will also see that it has a high spam rating. If you want to fix that, you can create a new version of that email, without so many $ signs, other trigger words like matrix, advertising, online income, etc. and see how that goes. Then delete the version of the email which you don’t want to keep.

Now, use the Add New Message area to add all of the other emails from the text file, remembering to replace USERNAME with your username from Coinpressions2, and replace “Your name” and “Your Contact Details” with correct details in each email.

Set the Interval for each email to 1 more than the previous email. This will send your emails out 1 per day.

Each email should show up in the list, below your first one.

5. Test your emails

Now make sure you still have your cp2 campaign as the Active Campaign, then click on Autoresponder, and Test Autoresponders.

Now select “all Autoresponders” to test all your emails, or click on the little down arrow to see a list of all your emails and select one for testing. They will immediately be sent to your campaign email address, so you can see the formatting, etc and see any mistakes clearly. Make sure to test your links!

6. Get your Campaign ID for this campaign

The Campaign ID which you need will NOT be the one you entered when you first created this campaign.

Here is how to get your Campaign ID number:

Check that cp2 is your Active Campaign.

Click on the Prospects tab, then click on HTML Form.

Now you will see your unique Campaign ID displayed.

Copy the Campaign ID number which you see in your AIOP. (Don’t use mine!)

7. Add Your Campaign ID at Coinpressions2

Log in to Coinpressions2.

Go to Marketing Funnel Setup inside Coinpressions2.

Paste the Campaign ID number into the AIOP box, and tick the radio button for AIOP. Then click on the Update Autoresponder Settings button.


Now scroll down to add your contact details (which will appear on your subscriber confirmation page).

And now, scroll down to the bottom of that page and you will see your lead capture page links listed, as well as the takeaction page which your subscribers will see after they confirm their opt in to your list. They will look similar to this, but with YOUR username.

8. Promote your Lead Capture Pages

You can add your lead capture pages at traffic exchanges, safelists and any other ad sites you are a member of.  You can link them to matching banners as well. You can find the banners in the Promotional Tools area.

Learn More About Your AIOP Autoresponder Here