Genuine Review of Hits Monkey

By | October 25, 2017

I joined Hits Monkey months ago and didn’t think about it too much, until I saw it recommended in the downline builder at InfinityTrafficBoost.

Then I logged in for a proper look and was really amazed at what Hits Monkey can do.

At first glance, Hits Monkey is a simple traffic generator. When you join, you are required to view 6 websites belonging to your upline. After that you add your promotional URL to the system, and then refer other people. Everyone you refer will view your URL, and so will everyone they refer, 6 levels down. That in itself has huge potential. If you refer 10 and they each refer 10, you could get over 1 million hits to your promotional URL (according to the onsite calculator).

Now take a look at what happens when you go Pro!

To upgrade to Pro, you need to make 4 BitCoin payments, totalling about $25US. (The bitcoin amount is recalculated monthly to allow for variations in the value of bitcoin.)

These payments go to your enroller, and three other people in your upline.

This means that when you build your Hits Monkey downlines as a Pro member, YOU will be in line for these payments from your referrals and from their referrals too.

Payments are made directly to your BitCoin wallet. The money is there instantly and anonymously and there are no refunds to worry about.

The system automatically checks and confirms payments made and upgrades your account, so there is no need to wait for admin to do anything.

Rebranding Rights

In addition to Pro, you can (optionally) become a rebrander for about $5US (in bitcoin, the site will stipulate the bitcoin amount) and this really opens up the potential of this system.

As a rebrander, you can add your affiliate IDs to the recommended traffic sources and autoresponder, but even more importantly, you can get all your referrals onto your email list!

Integration with the autoresponder is seamless, and is a part of the signup process for your referrals.

Campaign setup is very easy, with complete instructions and the ability to instantly download campaign emails into your autoresponder. No copy and pasting required.

There is also training on how to use BitCoin, how to set up your wallet, how to make payments, etc.

Overall, this is a very well planned and simple system with a great deal of potential benefit.

Something to be careful of: I made my payments quickly one after the other and my processor (Coinpayments) batched two of the transactions. This caused a problem because Hits Monkey does not accept the same TX ID (transaction ID) for two different payments. The solution is to make one payment at a time, wait for the TX ID, paste it into Hits Monkey, and have it accepted (this is done automatically) before you make the next payment. (My second payment was a small one, so I paid it again in order to get a unique TX ID and get the show on the road.)

Something I didn’t like: Waiting a couple of days for a reply to my support tickets. (Update: the owner replied a bit later with apologies, said they had a lot going on. So there is a live person there, taking care of things.)

What I like about Hits Monkey: Simple setup, attractive affiliate tools, instant bitcoin commissions and building my list. It’s all working like it should, for me.

Join Hits Monkey and see it for yourself

2 thoughts on “Genuine Review of Hits Monkey

  1. Carol Walczak Post author

    Hi Michael, thanks for your kind words here. I’m glad you like Hits Monkey too.

  2. Michael Jensen

    I’m on your downline team now Carol 🙂
    I joined ! I’m in now.
    I like hits monkey a lot !
    Thank you for introducing HitsMonkey to me in your Trafficwave email list newsletters.
    You’re a perfect professional example to watch and learn from. I’ve been studying your skills for many many years!
    Great Leader !!!
    Very helpful servant.

    Many Blessings…

    ~ Michael Jensen

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