How To Set Up Your TrafficWave Campaign For Coinpressions

By | October 12, 2017

This video will show you how to set up your Coinpressions campaign in TrafficWave, and how to download the email series automatically.

Watch the video once, and then replay it and stop the video at each point where you need to take action so you can follow along.

You will need to be logged in to your Coinpressions account and your TrafficWave account.

Series ID Number: 427397 Passcode: 23256

I recommend TrafficWave because it is marketer-friendly, easy to use, and has good deliverability. The monthly fee is a flat rate, regardless of how many subscribers you have.

Want to learn more about your TrafficWave autoresponder? Download a copy of the TrafficWave edition of Build Your List With Ease here.

Update (22 Oct 2017): Coinpressions now gives you the option to collect either email only, or first name + last name + email. The video above covers the email-only option. If you want to collect first name and last name, please tick the appropriate options in your campaign setup and then you will need to insert the first name and last name tokens in your emails by editing them yourself after they have been downloaded to your campaign.

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  1. Beth

    This is a straightforward video with great follow along instructions. Thanks so very much for posting this on your blog Carol. Keep giving us this great value Carol, you rock

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