This is building my TrafficWave downlines

By | January 9, 2017

Build Your Matrix launched on December 9, and by the end of December it had already proven it’s effectiveness.

Take a look at the TrafficWave blog post Top Affiliate Earners for December 2016 and you will see the owner of Build Your Matrix (Brenda de Reus) plus me (Carol Walczak) and several other members featuring as Top Recruiters and Top Fast Cash Bonus Earners for the month! (Log in and compare our Leaderboard for December, with the TrafficWave blog list, and see for yourself!)

So what does Build Your Matrix do?

It’s a free downline builder for 5 trusted, proven matrix programs, including TrafficWave, The Online Ad Network, Leased Ad Space, Four Corners Alliance and Crazy About Banners.

It also has the easiest TrafficWave setup ever seen, to help you build a list of marketers who are interested in matrix sites. Two short tutorial videos will show you exactly how to load your prewritten email campaign, and how to send broadcasts to your list.

What do members need to do?  Simply sign up and follow the 7 steps inside the members area to get set up. (There is one step for each matrix site to join, one step for the downline builder, and one step for autoresponder setup.)  Then advertise your link for Build Your Matrix. Advertising materials include attractive splash pages, lead capture pages and banners, plus email copy.

We have a skype chat group and a facebook group for networking and support. You can join those groups from inside the members area.

What if you are already a member of any of the sites in our matrix downline builder? Simply bring your existing ID with you! We respect sponsorship and do not require members to jump sponsors.

Join me at Build Your Matrix