How To Add An Image To Your Site’s Browser Tabs

By | February 3, 2014

Want to add a cute image or logo to your website’s browser tabs?

Those little images are called favicons.

It’s quite easy to create and add them.

First, go online and search for a favicon generator.

If you already have an image, then find a generator which allows you to upload your image.

You can also find images by searching for “favicon image butterfly” for example, and you will find images which are free to use, licensed “creative commons”.  You can edit those images in the generator to add your own background color, etc.

After you have created your image, download it to your computer.

Then, upload it to the main index of your website.

It is always called favicon.ico.

Now it should show up automatically when people browse your website.  You may have to restart your browser before you see it on your tabs.