Promo Code For Free Banner Ads and More!

By | September 20, 2013

Frank Salinas always comes up with great new programs!  And Instant Banner Ads is one of those.

It’s simple.

What do you get?

Banner advertising (use Promo Code FREEBANNERS to get $200 of ads), and you’ll get more when you bring in referrals.

Instant commissions for all members.

And it builds your list!  Everyone who signs up from your affiliate page will be added to your autoresponder.  This feature is for upgraded members only, and it is optional, but what a great option!

The list building has a viral element.  Every one of your referrals will bring you 4 optins to your list before they start building their own (though they keep the sales they make).  And your free referrals’ optins will all end up on your list too.

So there you have it: free banner advertising, instant commissions (up to 100%) and viral list building!

Get your free banner ads now!

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