Simple Conversion Tracking For Your Squeeze Pages

By | February 9, 2012

You probably have your squeeze page out there in a number of places, and it can be hard to tell where your signups have come from.

Here is a simple way, and you can try it out for free.

I use the trackers at TEToolbox, so you will need to log in at TEToolbox to follow along.  They will give you up to 10 trackers for free.

First, create a tracking link for your squeeze page.  (Click on Websites tab, then click on Add Tracker.  Enter your squeeze page URL.)

Now you will see your Tracker URL and Conversion Image.

TEToolbox tracker

Take the Tracker URL and add it to your traffic exchanges or rotator.  You can also use it in safelist and autoresponder emails.

This will do your click tracking for you.

Now take the Conversion Image code and add it to your Thank You or Confirmation page.

If you are using the TEToolbox Thank You page, you will need to edit it in HTML mode. (Use the HTML button in the wysiwyg editor.) Just add the code at the end of whatever you have there, click the Update button, and remember to click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

The image is only 1 pixel by 1 pixel, so it won’t spoil the look of your page at all.

Now, when someone submits their email address on your squeeze page and is redirected to the Thank You page, they will be counted as a Conversion, and you will have some idea of where you are getting the most response from your advertising.

(If you are not using Thank You pages yet, grab a copy of Build Your List with Ease and learn how to do it.  It’s a great way to monetize your list.)

Watch Tim Linden’s video at TEToolbox for a complete explanation.  You will find it under the Help tab, click on Help Videos.

Here are some cool things you can do with the TEToolbox trackers:

  • Change the tracker link to something you can remember.  Click on Edit Settings for your tracker and enter the name in the Custom URL space to replace the number.
  • In the Advanced Settings, untick the box for “Automatically Track Clicks as Conversions”.  You only want your actual signups to track as conversions now.
  • Add other urls to your tracker.  This is good if you are split testing different versions of a squeeze page, or perhaps getting signups from your blog and your squeeze page.
  • Add your squeeze page tracker along with your other sites to another tracker which you can then use as a rotator. The tracking will still work just fine.
  • Add a tag of up to 10 characters to the end of your tracker.  You won’t need this on websites or traffic exchanges as TEToolbox will automatically list those as sources, but it is very useful for safelists and other email campaigns (otherwise you end up with stats saying the click came from and so on…).  TEToolbox will then show you stats by tag.

6 thoughts on “Simple Conversion Tracking For Your Squeeze Pages

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  2. jss tripler

    Hello I love your article and it was so fabulous and I’m gonna bookmark it. One factor to say the Indepth analysis this article has is tremendously remarkable.Nobody goes that extra mile these days? Bravo! Just one other tip you caninstall a Translator Utility in your Worldwide Audience !

  3. carolw44 Post author

    Hi Chris, you will need to click on the “edit settings” link for your tracker, and untick the “Automatically Track Clicks as Conversions” box. That should fix that problem.

    I’m glad you like Build Your List with Ease, thanks for your comment : )

  4. Chris Schlieper

    Hi Carol;

    I have a quick question for you about TeToolbox Trackers. I set up my tracker for a website and any time I log in to view my stats It adds a conversion to the stats. This is very frustrating because if I check it once or twice a day it adds a conversion by 1 each time I log in. This makes my stats un-accurate to say the least.

    Any ideas why this is happening?

    Love your book by the way


  5. Jimmy Adames

    Hi Carol.

    Great job on not only bringing to light the importance of tracking your advertising but teaching your readers how to do that!

    Jimmy Adames

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