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By | January 26, 2012

Traffic exchange and internet marketing is a very challenging field.  Get rich quick is a dream which gets many of us online, or perhaps keeps us there.  In the end, though, we need to find patience while we learn the skills we need to succeed.  For this reason we all need mentors, no matter what level we are at with our marketing.

Here is my list of people and programs who can and will help when you need it, and which you can access for free:

For basic traffic exchange marketing skills, follow the boys at ClickTrackProfit to learn how to use traffic exchanges in an organized and professional way.  Watch their training videos and the video of the day.  Surfing for badges is fun, but that’s just the icing on the cake.  You should be learning everything you can.

For basic list building skills, grab a free copy of Build Your List with Ease, and learn how to set up an autoresponder and squeeze pages.

Want some answers to your questions?  Join Krazy Kaye and the rest of the crew at Net Learning Academy.  You can join for free, attend the live webinars, and find a lot of resources in the members area.

If you are ready to learn about WordPress, social media and list building, which will allow you to take your marketing into the wider internet beyond the traffic exchanges, join the regular joes who are doing it at Family Networker.  You will get support on the skype chat room, and there are plenty of useful resources inside the members area, including a 14 day Core Training with videos.

Also, keep your eyes open for good blogs with helpful content, and subscribe to their updates.  One which I really like is PotPieGirl’s blog on internet marketing, especially the training resources in the sidebar.  She writes in a way which is very easy to understand, even if you are a newbie.

I hope this list helps you to get your skills to the next level.  There are many other resources out there, all you need to do is find them and use them.  If you have a good one, post it in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “Help With The Mysteries of Marketing

  1. Marcus Wahl

    I think that click track profit is an excellent program to learn about marketing with traffic exchanges. I was certified myself. Click track profit is easy to follow and you can have fun in the program.

  2. carolw44 Post author

    Hi Rhonda, thanks for reading : )

  3. Rhonda Bezzina

    Hi Carol, I totally agree and as an internet marketer for over 10 years we have come along way from “buy this to thousands in 10 mins” click track profit is the best free teaching site that is out there and recommended that it is a “start 1st must” there is one or two on your list that I know that I will be having a look at as well, you can never learn enough. Love your Blog!

  4. Christian Sarono

    It’s really good to give complements from post that gives a lot of ideas similar to your post. It also keeps every visitors interested to view your post. Thanks so much for effort in sharing good and useful ideas.

  5. Kay

    Thanks for the information you just shared. They are very helpful.
    Once again thanks.

  6. Tammie Perry

    Great post Carol. I too wish I had had this information when I first started out. It is always great to have someone share their knowledge and expierence with other marketers just because they care.

  7. Connie Motala

    Great post Carol..

    Having used all the resources you have listed here.. I can definitely say you have covered them quite well. If only ALL of this had been around when i first started, I know I’d be much further ahead for sure. Your book is probably one of the only ones I’ve seen over the years that I still use today to help newbies..

    I am very glad you mentioned Family Networker on this list… I cannot express in enough words, the gratitude I have for all the members of Family Networker, including you. It is the only program I have ever seen that truly belongs to the members, and NOT the owners. Where everyone big or small ALL help each other. A huge thanks to Craig and his amazing coaching..

    ~ Connie

  8. carolw44 Post author

    Hi Craig, I guess we have so many more competent marketers now, so there is a lot more to go around…

    By the way folks, Craig is the trainer at Family Networker.

  9. Craig Caron

    Great list Carol

    I wish I had some of these resources when I started online. Unfortunately everything back then we had to pay top dollar for.

    I guess this is the new generation of helpful companies


  10. Tony Mena

    Great to see the Family Networker mentioned. It shows you care about your audience. You are highly regarded there. I’ll be reading your posts on TE’s.

  11. carolw44 Post author

    Shiny buttons are fun, but at some point you want to actually make some reliable money.

  12. carolw44 Post author

    Thanks Kenworth. I’m getting a lot out of Family Networker too. : )

  13. Jane Porterfield

    Hey Carol. Great list of resources. Newcomers to online earning really need to understand some things and try to avoid the shiny button syndrome. A good solid foundation of information and skills will take them much further than program hopping.


  14. Kenworth Peters

    Really nice topic, but the info is even better. I like Family Networker in my honest opinion, it’s the best online community, period. Thank you Carol for sharing.

  15. carolw44 Post author

    Yes it is, endless learning… but that makes it more fun : )

  16. carolw44 Post author

    Hi Cristina, small world! I hope you do well with EmpowerNetwork.

    It will be good to meet again, somehow <3

  17. Cristina

    Hey Carol!

    Great content for the topic! Keep up the good work and I look forward for reading more from you.

    I hope we’ll get the chance to meet again 🙂


  18. Gil

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks for the nice shares. The new one there from PotPieGirl was one that I liked, I saw quite a few posts there that gave some new insights that are really helpful. Always good to learn from other Marketers, as everyone can learn something new each day 🙂 Internet Marketing is a lifetime of learning.

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