JustBeenPaid and JSS Tripler ebook - click to downloadIs it possible to make 2% per day?  With a good conscience?  The folks at JustBeenPaid and JSS Tripler say YES! And they are willing to give you a $10 position for free, so you can see how it works.

Usually it’s a good idea to steer clear of triplers and other HYIP programs, as they eventually run out of funds and have to close down.  Even if you make some money yourself, there will always be other people who never had a chance (your referrals included).

BUT… JustBeenPaid and JSS Tripler (a sub site of JustBeenPaid)  have supposedly been built to handle ups and downs without shutting down.  When they are nearing a crunch point, they do a “Restart”, which leaves all new members as they were before, while older members have their positions in JSS Tripler converted to matrix positions in JustBeenPaid. They claim the system is indefinitely sustainable.  The sites have been running in their present form since February 2011, so they have done pretty well to last this long.

FREE $10 Position:  At this time they are giving all new members $10 to buy their first position, and see for themselves what it’s like to make 2% a day.  If you have been wondering about JSS Tripler, now is your chance to try it, pain free!

Click here to Join JustBeenPaid

The $10 will be added to your account after you have set up your profile.  Then you will need to use the JSS Tripler link in the members area to get your tripler position.

Note:  The $10 will be taken back after 60 days, it is just a loan.  But, by then you will have made enough in your account to grab a 2nd position from your profits, and you will be home free after that.  Make sure to take your 2nd position as soon as you have $10 accumulated in your JSS Tripler account.  Does this suck? No!  You still end up with a position, free… and the system does not collapse from giving away too much.

Update: 10 April 2012 – JustBeenPaid and JSS Tripler are still going strong.  They stay in touch with members daily by email and also with online webinars.  One change – they take back the free $10 after 45 days now, which is still pretty generous, after all you can earn $9.00 in that time, and it helps to keep the program sustainable. I have taken the cautious approach and used referring to build up my account.  A couple of my downline have invested larger sums and their profits exceed mine significantly, but I am still happy with my earnings and looking forward to more.