We all know that some words can get your email filtered out as spam, or sent to the Junk folder, and the word FREE seems to be the one which stands out for most marketers.

So do we really need to spell it as f.ree or fr.ee or fre.e, or is that a bunch of baloney?

According to the AWeber blog, Free is just fine in your subject line.  According to their article Yes, You Can Put “Free” In Your Subject Line, Yahoo has a new tool which maps email deliverability, and the word FREE is being delivered with no problems.

So what do you really need to worry about?  The MailChimp people have written a long article about things which trigger the spam filters, you can read it here.  It is complicated!

Here are some basic things you can do to make your emails look better to spam filters:

  • Use double opt in
  • Use both the text and HTML templates for your autoresponder emails where available, spam filters check to see that the HTML version matches the text version
  • Make sure your HTML is correct
  • Use a lot more text than images
  • Don’t use all capitals in your subject line

It’s a lot to keep track of in a constantly evolving area.

You can get some help at ViralMailProfits.  The folks there have added a Spam Assasin rating to their system.  It tells you how your email body scores against current criteria, and they won’t let you send it out if it scores too high.