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By | September 14, 2011

Update: March 2012 – The previous owner of MySurfBiz was going to drop the program.  My friend Rina Baxter and I were so upset about this that we decided to take it over, and we have improved the site 100%, while building on Rick’s excellent concept.

The site still works basically the same, with these changes:

– we set up a proper, secure members area where you can set up your step1 and step2 pages by filling in the blanks, and we host them for you

– affiliate commissions are now handled by JVZoo, and are paid instantly on every sale

step1 page has got a new look, with the optin form above the fold

– step2 page now has 8 programs, 2 of which offer free upgrades, the other 6 can be set to whatever You choose

– we have added splash pages and new banners

– autoresponder setup instructions for TrafficWave have been added, ListWire coming soon (AWeber was already there)

– price has gone up to $14.97 (one time cost) and commissions are now $9.88

Here is my original review:

I’ve been looking at systems which help new marketers to succeed.   I wanted something focused and easy, which would still teach you how to do things right, and I think I’ve found it in MySurfBiz.

MySurfBiz gives you a complete system:

– your own squeeze page
– downline builder for 6 top exchanges
– instant commissions via PaySpree
– free website hosting (your own, not theirs – a great bonus)
– email series
– full instructions that almost anyone could follow, including video
– a members forum where you can ask questions

It took me a couple of hours to set up, and this is what I ended up with:

Step 1 – Squeeze page (and email series)
Step 2 – Downline builder page
Step 3 – Sales page

I put this on to rotate at all the exchanges I am a member of, and also sent out some safelist emails (though of course that is not necessary, this system is designed to work well using nothing but traffic exchanges.)

Overnight, I ended up with 23 people on my list, and 5 upgrades.  Also ended up with signups at some of the traffic exchanges in the downline builder.  That’s the best results I’ve had from any promotion in the past few months.

I think anyone with reasonable surfing skills should be able to get signups with this, and if you are a beginner, it’s a great place to start.


  • Almost anybody can start with this
  • One time cost of $9.95 plus $1 for 1 month trial of AWeber autoresponder (optional)
  • Full directions at newbie level
  • Set it up once, do nothing but click and surf after that
  • 75% instant commissions on sales of MySurfBiz
  • Build your downlines in 6 top exchanges, which will build your traffic generation and commissions as well
  • It’s brand new, so you will get more attention than you would with older programs which people have seen before


  • If you want to use an autoresponder other than AWeber, you need to figure that out for yourself.  I found my TrafficWave code did not go in properly, but I was able to go into the source code of the squeeze page and fix that there.  So if you have a tiny bit of html knowledge you should be ok.  Otherwise, ask a friend, or ask on the forum. Rick the owner seems happy to help.  I think ListWire code would go in ok if you used the javascript version, which is similar to the AWeber code snippet.
  • You can’t add your own favorite exchange to the list.  I have asked Rick on the forum if there is any way he could add that to the program, it would be great.  We’ll see what he says.

Overall assessment:

MySurfBiz is worth buying and promoting.  It looks great, people do sign up for it, and a reasonable percentage actually take the upgrade.  You will build your list and your traffic exchange downlines (so important for traffic generation) in the process, and it’s all going to happen in the simplest possible way.  Definitely worth $9.95 and a couple hours of setup time, and if you are a brand new newbie, you can consider that part of your online education!

Comparisons to other programs:

I have tried out ClickTrackProfit and TE Action Plan.  They are both good, and you can learn a lot using them.  However, they are both much more complex than MySurfBiz, and take a lot of time to make progress with.  If you have tried those and found them too difficult for now, I suggest MySurfBiz to get you started.

22 thoughts on “Review of MySurfBiz

  1. carolw44 Post author

    Hi Don, thanks for your comment.

    There is no surf “requirement” with MySurfBiz, because it is your own business once you buy it and set it up.

    How much you can make depends on so many factors, that I cannot tell you for sure. I promoted it a lot in my first month, and won a referral contest at 247TrafficPro ($25 prize) with it. The uptake is lower at the other traffic exchanges, I guess because they are so popular that many of your viewers will already be members of them.

    MySurfBiz over-saturated the market for a while but I think now is a good time to get back into it. I have one contact who is a big surfer and promotes MSB all the time, and he is very happy with his results.

    Of course, the great thing about MSB is that it builds your list as well, and can be worth a lot in the long run.

  2. Don Del Giorno

    Surfing is what I do best and I am interested in joining MSB but I would like to know what,if any,are the surfing requirements.I am also a member of the TEs in the program and I have never really made any real money online.
    What can one reasonably expect to make after some time goes by?
    Please respond when you can!
    Don Del Giorno

  3. Ronald Lentz

    Hello Carol,
    I read some information stating that you would set up my Surf Biz, now can’t find it.
    Please send the information that I would need to have this service done. Thanks, for your time in this matter

  4. Geoffrey Reason

    hello Carol sorry to bother you again can i have the login details for mysurfbiz again?

  5. carolw44 Post author

    Hi Brian, the sales are handled by PaySpree. Yes the first sale goes to Rick, because PaySpree works on instant commissions. So the next three sales will go to you, and the 5th one to Rick, and the next 3 to you… so you end up with 75% overall.

    You can see how this works on the PaySpree page here:

  6. Brian

    I may have missed this in the set up process, but does the first sale go to Rick the creator and then all others go to the refer?

  7. carolw44 Post author

    Hi Brian, the other commissionable products are the 6 traffic exchanges which the system promotes. At the moment, any AWeber signups go to the owner, and the hosting he recommends is free anyway.

  8. Brian

    MySurfbiz, appears to have some great potential, quick question are there any other comissionable products with in mysurfbiz, i.e aweber, hosting etc.. Thank you.

  9. carolw44 Post author

    Hi Ariel, I guess you did not get your welcome email, or else you would have had the information you need.

    Please check your inbox for my email answering your questions.


  10. Ariel George Vernon Anderson


    I have joined Mysurfbiz TWICE in an effort to locate the instructions for actually using Mysurfbiz AND HAVE FAILED.




    September 24 Transaction ID 4PG733852C1538054 $9:95

    October 18 Transaction ID 00648089XH1768151 9:95

  11. carolw44 Post author

    Hi Tameeka, thanks for your comment. You should do well with MySurfBiz : )

  12. Tameeka Childs

    Thank you very much Carol for that information! It was very well put together! I had considered giving this a go about a couple of weeks ago but was afraid that I would waste my money and not get anything out of it. But thanks to your review and your experience, I will definitely sign up for that this weekend! Thank you!

  13. carolw44 Post author

    Hi Hank : )

    You should find a login link in your welcome email.

    Just follow the steps in the members area. If you have a problem, yell and I’ll help you.

    The autoresponder is not included, you need to get one.

  14. carolw44 Post author

    Rick, I’m really happy to see that you and your team are so available to help your new members.

  15. Rick Thomas

    Hey Geoffrey,

    I just sent you an email to get you into the members area! Sorry for the delay/ inconvenience.

    Also, thanks for the help Carol!

    And yes, MySurfBiz is a pretty new program but it is showing some massive results and our members are raving about it. The program is new and I and my team are doing everything we can to make it as easy as possible for everybody to use.

    Thanks for being a member and look forward to an amazing program getting even better 🙂

    Rick Thomas

  16. carolw44 Post author

    hi Geoffrey, thank you : )

    Yes that first bit is a bit confusing. There is actually nothing to log in to if you follow the members area link which they sent in the email. I’ll email that link to your PayPal email, since it sounds like you didn’t get it.

    So once you have that link, just follow the setup instructions and it will all become clear.

    This works a bit differently from other sites you may be used to.

  17. Geoffrey Reason

    hello Carol i joined and paid under you yesterday have not had confirmation yet and how do i log in

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