Four Safe Surfing Tips for Traffic Exchange Users

By | April 4, 2011

Traffic Exchange admins make a huge effort to keep your surfing safe, with the help of the TEToolbox and HitsConnect checkers, but sometimes problems will still slip through.

You can protect yourself and reduce the frustration by following these simple tips:

1. Always have antivirus protection. Without that you are a sitting duck. Click here to read an article which offers several free antivirus options.

2. Keep your software updated. Often when you log on to your computer you will see a notification saying that you need to update your browser or other software.  Don’t ignore those updates!  You need to install them right away, as these often contain security updates to combat the latest known threats.

3. Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer for surfing. Internet Exporer is one of the most commonly-used browsers, and for this reason a lot of virus and other nuisance programs are built to target it.  Firefox is less of  a target, and apparently has more security built in to it.  You can download Firefox in your language here.

Note that you can still keep Internet Explorer to use for your everyday surfing if you like it better, but for traffic exchange surfing you are better off with Firefox.  You will also experience less frame breaking with Firefox.

4.  Never click on supposed “Scans” which tell you that your computer is in danger, or needs scanning.  These programs are often not genuine, and they will take over you computer and cause problems.  If you see a window pop up with something similar, press the Alt key and hold it down while you press the F4 key.  That will close that window for you.  Then run your antivirus program right away.

The only thing which should be scanning your computer is your own Anti-Virus program.

If you want some hints on how to keep your computer running well and how to avoid or reduce frozen browsers, surfbars, etc., please click here to read my blog post.

6 thoughts on “Four Safe Surfing Tips for Traffic Exchange Users

  1. carolw44 Post author

    Thanks Nancy : )

    Douglas, yes me too. It seems that Twitter gets in the way of these Tweet manager programs, this is the second one which has died on me due to Twitter non-cooperation.

  2. Douglas

    Oh, Traffic Taxis and Traffic Wonderland, those are a couple of excellent TEs. Cool.

  3. Douglas

    Hi, Carol. I was just at the Viral Tweet Builder blog and see that you too are sorry to see what is happening there, so I thought I would drop by and say “Hey.”

    So, “Hey, Carol , howzit goin?”

    Anyway, you have a nicely informative site going on here yourself. Let’s hope that Shannon’s next Twitter scenario fares better than her latest. I look forward to seeing what she has on our mutual Tweetplate. Stay well, and the best of everything in your endeavors both online and off.

  4. Nancy Radlinger

    Excellent advice Carol and you are right about us site owners do try hard to keep everything out – but I have found like you that things do sneak in. I have been lucky but have been surfing other sites when my Avast alarm goes off – thanks for making everyone aware

    Skype: nancyradlinger

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