The Awesome Power of Viral Marketing

By | June 29, 2009

There’s more to building your list than just collecting names and sending people emails.

What if you could get your subscribers to promote your links for you as well? Well, you can, with Viral Marketing, and this is how it works:

1. Rebrand an ebook such as Build Your List with Ease with YOUR links.

2. Give your rebranded copy away to your list, at Giveaway events, and on traffic exchanges and safelists.

3. Sign up referrals to Build Your List with Ease, and let the online rebrander pass your links on to your referrals, so that their ebooks contain your links, unless they rebrand too. (And if they rebrand, then you get the commission.)

This process has been explained very well by Sunny Suggs in her short ebook “All About Viral Marketing”. You can download your free copy here or else join All About Viral Marketing for free.

2 thoughts on “The Awesome Power of Viral Marketing

  1. CarolW44

    Paul, I guess that's just how it works…

    You always have that problem with other peoples' ebooks – you are promoting their links unless you rebrand – but people do it all the time, it's really common to give away a "gift" just to get people on to your list, and so you achieve your own goal while promoting someone else as well.

    At least most of the programs in the book are free to join, which makes it very accessible. I wouldn't skip any of the programs, you never know what your referrals will sign up to.

    The online rebrander will ensure that you are building your upline's list if you don't rebrand, not the site owner's (that's me), unless you happened to sign up under me. The system is about as fair as it can get.

    Thanks for your comment, I appreciate the feedback.

  2. Paul Penafiel

    When I read the aforementioned list building report, I had to asked myself "am I building my list or her list".

    I couldn't believe the number of programs you have to join and what happens if I don't join them all and I promote it then someone signs up to one of the program that I didn't join, then your upline gets it right, not you.

    I wish their splash page would include a squeeze page right off the bat instead of being taken to another page.

    Please let me know how you are doing with it. Thank you so much.


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