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Amit Pareek has come out with another great report – PLR Money Biz in a Box!

You can buy it here, or…

You can grab the free introductory report here.

Learn all about PLR: what it is, how to use it, steps to success, and more!

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Want to add a cute image or logo to your website’s browser tabs?

Those little images are called favicons.

It’s quite easy to create and add them.

First, go online and search for a favicon generator.

If you already have an image, then find a generator which allows you to upload your image.

You can also find images by searching for “favicon image butterfly” for example, and you will find images which are free to use, licensed “creative commons”.  You can edit those images in the generator to add your own background color, etc.

After you have created your image, download it to your computer.

Then, upload it to the main index of your website.

It is always called favicon.ico.

Now it should show up automatically when people browse your website.  You may have to restart your browser before you see it on your tabs.


Daegan Smith Says 5 Minute Mogul Rocks!

Learn More About 5 Minute Mogul – Click Here

When Daegan Smith speaks, I listen.  His training is great.  And I’ve been getting more of it at 5 Minute Mogul.

What’s so great about the 5 Minute Mogul?  Here is what I like about the program:

1. Video training on all aspects of building your online business.  More videos are being added every week.

2. Game board approach which is kinda cute, but also takes you through the training steps at each level.  Each level has their own game board with their own training.

3. Guaranteed monthly income for all founding members.  The founding memberships are limited, so now is the time to get in.

4. You can start from free and leverage your way up.

5. Kimball Roundy, the owner and creator, has had a lot of success online previously and so he knows what he is doing.

I invested in 5 Minute Mogul last year.  I was mainly attracted to the training which was promised.  Kimball then took on a business partner, which did not seem to work out very well, and there were delays.  Now the business partner is gone and Kimball is back on track, delivering the things he promised initially.  I am very happy with the direction and the things I hear from Kimball, and have a lot of confidence that 5 Minute Mogul will continue to live up to it’s promise.

Splash and squeeze page makers can make your life easy when you are just starting out, but you do pay a price… usually around $10 a month for the use of their graphics editor and hosting.
How To Make And Host Your Own Splash And Squeeze Pages - ecover

What if you could make and host your own squeeze pages?  Well, it’s easier than you might think.

All you need is your own domain name (which you should have anyway) and hosting with cPanel access.

I suggest the hosting at GVO, since they also include a good autoresponder, hosting for up to 4 websites, easy blogger builder, video creation and hosting (no more getting flagged on YouTube!) and even web conferencing facilities.  Their cPanel has a really nice HTML Editor, so you’ll have all you need to get going.  So you get all that, for the same monthly price as you would pay for a hosted splash page maker.

Get a free copy of my ebook
How To Make And Host Your Own Splash And Squeeze Pages
and let me show you how to get started.

I’ll show you how to make basic splash pages with a clickable image, squeeze pages with images, headlines and opt in code, and video squeeze pages.  There’s even an example of Daegan Smith’s “ugly” squeeze page, and how you can make one just like it.  And there are screenshots for everything.

The ebook also shows you how to install WordPress on your site, so you can use plugins to easily create new pages with no coding required!

Review of EBrandProfile

Randy and Eric from Emporia Systems have come up with a new program which will be very useful for traffic exchange and safelist marketers.  It’s the EBrandProfile.

Take a look behind the scenes in my video here (done as a free member, but I have upgraded since):

You can create profile pages, lead capture pages and splash pages.  Your first page is free, and it’s full featured.

Advertise your banners, post a video, add your lead capture form… it’s all easy to do with EBrandProfile.

Join EBrandProfile here.

Are you looking for instant commissions?

Look no farther!

Here are 5 top quality sites which pay instant commissions, and some even pay to free members:

30 Minute List – viral list building and free ads.

Thank You Ad Network – free ads plus thank you pages and download pages for list builders, very useful.

Instant Banner Ads – viral list building and banner ads too.

My Traffic Multiplied – viral list building plus free ads.  Your referrals help you build your list.

And the biggest and best for 100 percent commissions... Empower Network’s Blogging Platform.  This one is not free, but once you see the potential you will be glad you checked.

It’s time to make some moolah!

Promo Code For Free Banner Ads and More!

Frank Salinas always comes up with great new programs!  And Instant Banner Ads is one of those.

It’s simple.

What do you get?

Banner advertising (use Promo Code FREEBANNERS to get $200 of ads), and you’ll get more when you bring in referrals.

Instant commissions for all members.

And it builds your list!  Everyone who signs up from your affiliate page will be added to your autoresponder.  This feature is for upgraded members only, and it is optional, but what a great option!

The list building has a viral element.  Every one of your referrals will bring you 4 optins to your list before they start building their own (though they keep the sales they make).  And your free referrals’ optins will all end up on your list too.

So there you have it: free banner advertising, instant commissions (up to 100%) and viral list building!

Get your free banner ads now!

Instant Banner Ads graphic

New Edition of Build Your List With Ease

RocketResponder is taking off like… well, like a rocket!

It’s simple and easy to use, and a really excellent addition to the editions of Build Your List With Ease.

So we now have 4 editions of Build Your List With Ease, one for each of these autoresponders:

  • ListWire
  • RocketResponder
  • GVO
  • TrafficWave

Each edition (except for ListWire) has it’s own download page, so you can send your subscribers to the edition of your choice.

If you are an upgraded member and a RocketResponder fan, log in now and add your referral id to the Rebrander.

And if you like RocketResponder, use our free email series and free squeeze pages to help you build your first list with it.  You’ll find the emails in the Affiliate Tools area.  Just follow along with our ebook and you will be all set up in no time!

Leave me a comment and let me know how you like it!


How many $6 sales would you have to make, per day, to make $100?

17!  That’s a lot of sales.

What if you were selling $10 items?  Well then, you’d only need to make 10 sales.

Watch this video from my friend and mentor Richard Weberg, owner of YourEightSteps as he explains the strategy behind building a sustainable online business.

Click here to see Richard’s site and find out more.

All About RocketResponder

Here is what the owner, Tim Linden, has to say about RocketResponder – features, ease of use, why he built it the way he did, and pricing:

Like what you hear?

Watch me set up my list in under 10 minutes… (and that’s with me explaining along the way, without that it’s quicker!)

RocketResponder Review – Is It As Simple As They Say? See For Yourself!

I like it!